Kysha Woods

“Dr Ky’sha Ph.H.D. ( Professional Hair/Health Director) has been in the beauty industry for over three decades her professional experience incorporates international artistry architecture and education. She retains her cosmetology teacher license form “Joseph Donahue School of International Barber/Beauty” and a multitude of specialty certifications in all facets of beauty culture. Ky’sha was gifted as a child with the natural ability to help others see their natural beauty while emphasizing consistency, health, wellness, and professionalism afforded her at a young age to excel as one of the top stylists in Philadelphia and was mentored by industry leaders such as “Donahue P.H.D.”, and “Zenobia” of Rittenhouse Square.

Ky’sha unique niche of guiding people to embrace the total wellness philosophy comes from her desire to inspire clients into a beauty wellness lifestyle accelerated her into entrepreneurship at 20 years old. She built her brand in the beauty industry and her clients named her the “BEAUTY GURU”.

Her master technical ability and blending total wellness as her philosophy to beauty, Ky’sha is a celebrity stylist and was sought after by a multitude of international companies which is exclusive and male-dominated to be a brand ambassador representative, she choose “Wella International” due to there continuous leadership an innovation in the beauty business culture and her zeal to educate. She has competed and platformed in international hair shows, designed and produced photo shoots, film/television/music video and movie sets. Her artistry and expertise require her to be in demand both behind and in front of production.

Ky’sha’s ambition and discipline drive her brand’s growth due to her innovative concept of individual awareness lifestyle in conjunction with her love, and passion to render quality service is the ambiance created and translates to a diverse audience and markets set her apart.

Ky’sha Woods has hosted and produced “Be…with Ky’sha Woods!! “ talk show on mainstream Radio & Television to bring awareness and inspire her wellness lifestyle philosophy what was exclusive to her clientele. Her passion allows her to educate in business educational seminars with more to come, soon to be a published author.