What Bottle Will You Choose?

Each crystal has its own unique healing properties. Some manifest prosperity, others attract love, relationships, or even provide protection and shielding.
? LOVE ?- Rose Quartz – For Unconditional Love, Caring, and Friendship
? BALANCE ?- Smoky Quartz – For Grounding, Fear Dispersion, and Lifting Depression
? SELF BELIEF ?- Green Beryl – For Encouragement and Filtering Out Stress
? DE-STRESS ?- Amethyst – For Calming, Intuition, Patience, and Inner Peace
? COURAGE ?- Hematite – For Strength, Endurance, and Vitality
? PROTECTION ?- Black Tourmaline – For Protection Against Negative Energy and Fear
? ENERGY ?- Citrine And Blue Apatite – For Motivation, Creativity, and Self-Improvement
? MANIFEST ?- Blue Apatite – For Personal Power, Inspiration, and Success