Glass water bottles with Gems Stones


Rediscover this old-age tradition with a quartz bottle tailored for the modern world. Support Your MIND, BODY, & SPIRIT Crystal elixirs (structured water) have been used since ancient times for their powerful healing properties. People from all over the world have been drinking crystal-infused water for thousands of years to promote spiritual and physical wellness. Crystal enthusiasts and certified professionals prefer our Elixir2Go Bottle. Our healing crystal bottle allows you to revitalize and restructure your drinks using the natural vibrations of gemstones, without the fear of drinking toxic or contaminated water in a modern, hygienic way. The indirect method is the only 100% safe way to get the benefits of crystals in water.
The Earth provides Crystals renowned for healing personal issues/challenges, balancing your energetic field, enhancing intuitive connection, improving health, and generating a positive state of mind.


What Bottle Will You Choose?

Each crystal has its own unique healing properties. Some manifest prosperity, others attract love, relationships, or even provide protection and shielding.
💎 LOVE 💎- Rose Quartz – For Unconditional Love, Caring, and Friendship
💎 BALANCE 💎- Smoky Quartz – For Grounding, Fear Dispersion, and Lifting Depression
💎 SELF BELIEF 💎- Green Beryl – For Encouragement and Filtering Out Stress
💎 DE-STRESS 💎- Amethyst – For Calming, Intuition, Patience, and Inner Peace
💎 COURAGE 💎- Hematite – For Strength, Endurance, and Vitality
💎 PROTECTION 💎- Black Tourmaline – For Protection Against Negative Energy and Fear
💎 ENERGY 💎- Citrine And Blue Apatite – For Motivation, Creativity, and Self-Improvement
💎 MANIFEST 💎- Blue Apatite – For Personal Power, Inspiration, and Success