Daily Regimen Skills To Develop

                                      Total Body Mind Balance 

If these basic daily regimens are implemented consistently it will provide your body a healthy ecosystem. What a marvelous feeling for you to function at your maximum level from day to day changing into a better you. This is to guide to enable you to take care of loved ones and yourself. Ready to excel in your career or work environment, be financially secure, start or take your business to the next level and simply getting your house in order. Cleaning yourself from the inside and outside, provides clarity and life balance.

Please keep in mind that some days you may fall off the wagon; however, you can decide at any point to get back on with your new life regimen. It is up to you every day is a new opportunity for you to change into a better you.  When you know better you have to do better; moreover, take responsibility for yourself and your actions.   These are things you can control and have the ability to change them at any time to positively impact your body, mind, spirit and increase your life!

  • Sleep Is crucial to your ongoing mental and physical development, function, and stability to make life decisions. This is also when your body burns the most fat. The most important added benefit is that your youth gene is stimulated between the hours of 11:00 pm & 2:00 am and aid in healing.
  • Time to yourself helps you gather your own thoughts without any distraction.
  • Enrich your thoughts by listening, reading or meditating on positive music, scriptures, saying, phrases and words. Change your brain change your life. By this new habit not only will your thinking change but your conversation use this positive behavior by being selfless and share compliments to people every day see how it warms you.
  •  Exercise and supplement intake is a powerful combination due to our food supply being depleted from several factors such as chemical, environment, our food just doesn’t give us everything so supplements are essential to body balance. Exercising a little consistently every day for just 30mins is better than going to the gym for 3 hours once a week.  
  • Health way of eating can and is a decision to make conscious choices to give our body what it needs to run health and effectively remember it is not about a diet but a way of life. It is time to make your menu All Natural, Organic free of  antibiotics, steroids, preservative
  • Body Products should be all natural preservative, paraben free

At this start refining form over the counter medication that isn’t needed and alcohol

Building this new consistent behavior, the residual is being not only healthy but fabulous! Feeling good about yourself is the key to moving to your new future. This is how we change from the inside out.

Consistency and persistent is one of life’s many keys.

Time to get started:

Step 1: Always begin with a total body cleansing (30) days and then two to three times a year afterward. At this time it is important for an internal detoxing as well, which mean deodorant, lotions, and make-up needs to also all natural free from preservative.  (Diet) Eating whole foods to have a whole life, total body balance, organ cleansing and detoxification for a better you. Start eliminating intake of these items will help you transition easily into the protocol more effectively without craving:

  • Sugar

  • Starch 

  • Antibiotics 

  • Steriods

  • Preservatives 

Step 2: Begin the basic five (daily).

  • Essential fatty acid (fish, Krill  oil)

  • Multivitamin

  • Probiotic

  • Digestive enzymes

  • Antioxidants

Step 3: Exercise Body/Mind complete body life balance and organ function

  1. Yoga

  2. Pilates

  3. Breathing

  4. Meditation

Committed to yourself health and wellness.  Be prepared for new patterns to develop at this time embrace these new habits it will be a shock you! It the new beginning for you.

  • Implementing your daily regiment
  • Wake up an hour earlier to read and or exercise and time for yourself 
  • Daily affirmations motivation and express gratitude
  • Drinking half your body weight in water daily
  • Daily accountability by journaling (e.g. nightly accountant of the day’s intake
  • Prepare food for and clothes for the next day (Weekly if you can)
  • Ending day reflections
  • Going to bed no later than 10:00 pm! get to bed on time). Your natural melatonin produces when you’re in R.E.M. (Rapid Eye Movement).
Cultivating these new habits allows your empowerment to begin holding yourself accountable and learn new disciplines are not easy but a necessary process. Remember doing new things doesn’t always feel good and is scary to make new change to your subconscious. You have to love, listen, trust and depend on you. Not only to get through this, moreover for you to be the person of your dream.The new you.
  •  Focus !!!           
  • Control !!!           
  • Follow up !!!

Be true to you.